2017 SIGMA CNC won the Taiwan Excellence Award of 2017 – Auto Swing Divided Angle Head system (ASDH-AC1)
2016 SIGMA CNC won the Taiwan Excellence Award of 2016 - High Precision Double Column type Profile Grinding Machine with 3 Heads (SLG-3HS series)
2015 April 24, New Chiayi Factory Open House Ceremony in Chiayi County.
2013 SIGMA CNC developed the "Mechanism of Feed Transmission for Multidimensional Grinding Machine (SLG-3HS series) and won the 2013 " Taiwan National Invention and Creation Award" Silver Medal. Capital increase to USD 5,500,000.
2012 SIGMA CNC won The National Brand YUSHAN Awards. In December,Started to build the New Chiayi factory. Capital increase to USD 5,000,000.
2012 Developed CNC High Speed Horizontal Machining Center (SMH-630H) & CNC 5-AXIS Double Column Machining Center (S5A-2015H)
2011 Capital increase to USD 4,300,000.
2010 Developed CNC High Speed Double Column Machining Center with Direct-Drive Spindle BT-50, 10000rpm.
2008 Certified by ISO9001 AFAQ. Capital increase to USD 3,300,000. Invest a land (17000m3) in Chiayi County.
2008 Developed a new auto attachment head change system (SIGMA CNC Patent) for CNC Double column machining center – SDV-HLA series.
2005 Developed a new High Speed & High Accuracy CNC Double Column Machining Center – SDV-H series (Z-axis supported by 4 linear guideways, SIGMA CNC Patent). Developed CNC moving column horizontal machining center – SMH-MC series.
2005 SDV series Certified by Amtri Veritai CE, EMC.
2004 Developed CNC 5-FACE double column machining center – S5F-3732 and held the new product launch.
2002 August, Developed CNC Vertical machining center – SSV-1200L. (Stop Production from 2010)
2001 July, Developed CNC double column machining center – SDV series (three axes use linear guideway) and held the new product launch.
2000 December, SIGMA CNC Established.