SIGMA CNC Opens New Plant in Southern Taiwan

Specialized in the manufacturing of large-sized CNC double column machine centers, SIGMA CNC recently established one new manufacturing site in southern Taiwan in order to keep up with the growing order requests. The new plant is set in Chiayi and covers 5,000 square meters regarding the plot of land; the floor area covers around 6,500 square meters. The new plant is capable of producing 12 large-sized machine centers per month especially for the sectors of energy, aerospace, automotive, and ordinary metalworking usages.

Government officials, university teachers, and machine tool experts came to join the inauguration ceremony on the 4th of April. During the speech, Chairman Chuang claimed that, in order to keep up with the growing order requests, the company has to extend the production line; from this day on, the old plant is set to focus on customized double column milling centers, 5-axis double column machine centers, horizontal machine centers; while the new plant in Chiayi will focus on the manufacturing of ordinary types of double column milling centers. Chairman Chuang said, the company crew will develop new production lines for customized large-sized milling centers and other types of double column machines, including CNC CROSSRIL double column machines, CNC Moving Column double column machines and CNC horizontal moving column machining centers.

SIGMA CNC is the first machine tool manufacturer entering the Chiayi Dapumei Intelligent Industrial Park. Chairman Chuang stated that, the company aims to expand the famous Taichung metalworking supply chain to southern Taiwan as Chiayi is in the southern part of Taiwan. The new plant, Chuang expects, will bring the company more capacity and bring the Chiayi area more working opportunities. Moreover, the operation in the Chiayi area will enhance assembly capability for SIGMA CNC crew. It is recognized by the attended that, SIGMA CNC is a corporation that fulfills social responsibility, provides benefits to the environment, and keeps its strength in the machine tool R&D.