TMTS 2016

SIGMA CNC at Hall 4, 316. We showed two double column machining centers. One is S5A-2015H – CNC 5-axis Double Column Machining Center, One is SDV-4224HLA – CNC Double Column Machining Center with Auto Swing Divided Angle head. It is for high-speed high-precision machining market, effectively enhance the large-scale integrated processing machine multi-axis, the complexity of the work of the workpiece, and developed the relevant application of software and hardware products, not only greatly enhance the company's product diversification and enhance the competitiveness of the market.

S5A-2015H – CNC 5-axis Double Column Machining Center uses TRAMEC Germany made – 2-axes head,HSK-A63,18,000rpm. With Heheidenhain iTNC530 5axis controller. Five-axis synchronous multi-directional continuous cutting function, complex surface and composite materials processing. The customers could choose the brand, spindle type, power, spindle speed, torque for the 2-axes head.


In addition, SIGMA actively developed own automatic milling heads to enhance the market competitiveness of company's CNC double column machining center, SDV-4224HLA with self-made automatic swing divided angle head, BT-50, 3000rpm, C-axis ± 270 degrees , A-axis ± 90 degrees, the auto indexing minimum is 1 degree, the cutting removal rate up to 640cm3 / min. Can be widely used in parts processing, electronic components equipment TFT-LCD, semiconductor equipment, solar energy equipment, wind power equipment, green energy industry equipment, automotive mold and components industry, aerospace parts industry, ship parts industry.