SIGMA CNC at TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall, 4F M1116. We showed our model machine SDV-3219HLA – CNC Double Column Machining Center with Auto Swing Divided Angle Head. It is for high-speed high-precision machining market, effectively enhance the large-scale integrated processing machine multi-axis, the complexity of the work of the workpiece, and developed the relevant application of software and hardware products, not only greatly enhance the company's product diversification and enhance the competitiveness of the market.

SDV-3219HLA use Direct-Drive Spindle, and collocate with 2 steps planetary gearbox(1:5.5), maximum speed 10000rpm, BT-50, Maximum torque 907N-m/770N-m, with heavy cutting and high-speed precision cutting capacity for machining at the same time. For Auto Attachment Head Change system, The Head is a new development “Auto Swing Divided Angle Head”, BT-50, Maximum Speed 3000rpm, C-axis±270゚, A-axis ±90゚, auto indexing minimum 1゚, CTS function available, Maximum cutting removal rate 640 cm3/min. Suitable for automotive sheet metal molds, and processing special angle and the need for high torque in the field of processing applications.