Won the Taiwan Excellence Award of 2016

SLG-3HS – CNC High Precision Double Column type Profile Grinding Machine with 3Heads (SLG-3000-3HS).

The Grinding Machine is designed with 3 Grinding spindle Heads (2 vertical grinding spindle and 1 horizontal grinding spindle), SIGMA CNC structure Patent and totally with 7 axial by CNC control.

The main purpose of design is to grinding three surfaces in one process for Rails’ Profile that could save time & cost, reduce the grinding errors and improve the efficiency of grinding for Operators and Customers.

In addition, this machine’s outline design is based on mechanical aesthetics and ergonomics that give greater perception and more convenient operations for operators and customers.

This grinding machine is Custom-Made by customer’s request that could grinding any kinds of rails, widely suitable for machine tools, industrial robots, electronic equipment industry, logistics rails, automotive rails and linear motors etc.

Any details about SLG-3HS series, please contact with SIGMA CNC Sales Department, thanks. Taiwan Excellence Official Website