SIGMA CNC – 2016 New Development

Automatic Swing Divided Angle Head - A、C-axis Auto Indexing Divided 5゚(1゚)

SDV-H series, Direct-Drive Spindle max. 10000rpm collocate with 2-steps Planetary Gearbox, Spindle Motor 35/30HP, Torque Max. 907 / 770Nm, Heavy Cutting & High Spindle Speed in one machine. Besides, it could choose Auto Attachment Heads Change System, Extension Head, 90゚Angular Head, 35゚&45゚Head, Swing Divided Angle Head are self-made by SIGMA CNC.

In the beginning of 2016, SIGMA CNC developed a new Automatic Swing Divided Angle Head, BT-50, max. 3000rpm, C-axis auto indexing minimum 5゚(1゚) by gear coupling, A-axis ±90゚auto indexing minimum 5゚(1゚) by gear coupling, Material Remove Rate max. 640cc/min. It is very useful for the molds processing in the Automotive field & Aerospace field etc.

SIGMA CNC has been established over 15 years, and innovated over 15 mechanism patents of machine tools and use them into our products. To enhance greater differences with our competitors. SIGMA CNC always cares about the Quality, Accuracy, Service, Reliability & New Innovation for our products that could give customers more functional applications and helping customers to obtain greater profits.

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